Scientifically proven effectiveness


Results of clinical studies :

  • x6.3 of lipids that strengthen the cohesion of skin cells > preserves moisture and improves the skin's barrier function
  • -38% inflammation to minimize the appearance of skin redness
  • -30% blood flow through a vasoconstrictor effect, reducing imperfections linked to poor blood circulation

Use test carried out over 28 days:

  • Removes make-up quickly and easily = 89%
  • Skin doesn't feel tight after use = 89%
  • Cleanses skin of all impurities and sunscreens accumulated during the day = 97%
  • Skin flora seems balanced and healthy = 96%
  • Removes waterproof make-up in a single step = 78%


Actives like no other


Codium Tomentosum seaweed

We've chosen a very specific seaweed for a precise action on the skin. Our Codium Tomentosum is rich in sulfated polysaccharides and glucuronic acid, giving it powerful deep moisturizing action and reinforcing the skin barrier. In just 6 minutes, its weight can triple, demonstrating its remarkable capacity to adapt even in extremely dry conditions. What's more, this active ingredient has the power to increase lipid neosynthesis in the skin. In just 72 hours, it reinforces the cohesion of the skin's final layer by stimulating the natural synthesis of lipid cement.

White tea polyphenols

Our white tea polyphenols reveal the radiance of the complexion. Highly dosed in polyphenols and OPC (proanthocyanidic oligomers), this active ingredient has powerful properties for reviving skin radiance. They also act as an effective protector against oxidation. They neutralize free radicals, thanks to an enzymatic model. This anti-free radical action helps protect the skin from damage caused by external aggression and premature aging.

Prebiotic ferment (inulin)

Derived from Inulin, they are particularly rich in oligosaccharides to work in harmony with skin flora, enabling good bacteria to develop and thrive. By nourishing these good bacteria, it stimulates their growth and promotes their beneficial activity for the skin. By strengthening the presence of good bacteria, this prebiotic active ingredient encourages the production of nutrients essential for healthy skin. These nutrients help maintain skin balance, strengthen the skin barrier and help prevent imbalance and irritation.

Non-ionic Micellar Technology

Based on non-ionic micelles, this ingenious formula uses a bio-mimetic lipid bi-layer to gently capture impurities, waterproof make-up and pollution particles. Thanks to this unique structure, our micellar solution preserves your skin's natural hydrolipidic film while cleansing deep down. It's a very well-tolerated technology, specially adapted to sensitive skin and even sensitive eyes.


All our tips


Soak your cotton pad in Lotion. Start by gently cleansing the eyes, moving from the inside to the outside, while sweeping the lashes in the direction of their growth. Then repeat the process on the face, using circular movements to dislodge any particles. Don't forget to cleanse neck and décolleté too. No rinsing required.