Scientifically proven effectiveness


Results of clinical studies :

  • +133% skin water content (1% high-molecular-weight, non-crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid)
  • +90% Aquaporins (cellular water-bearing molecule) (Gluconolactone 5%)
  • +21% pro-collagen I (0.25% non cross-linked high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid)
  • +110% (antioxidant) GLRX expression, a protective enzyme against cell damage (Gluconolactone 5%)

Use test after 28 days:

  • Long-lasting cutaneous comfort: 95%
  • Fills in wrinkles and fine lines and reinforces skin elasticity: 95%


Actives like no other


5% Gluconolactone

Scientists are particularly interested in a brand-new molecule for anti-aging hydration: Gluconolactone. Not only does its molecular structure attract and bind water molecules in the skin, but, dosed at 5%, it will also increase the expression of Aquaporins (channels through which water circulates from cell to cell), stimulate cell regeneration, protect cells from oxidation, and have remarkable pro-collagen activity. In fact, in addition to stimulating the synthesis of pro-Collagen I and V (2 types of collagen which are "compatible" to form a collagen fiber), it inhibits the expression of enzymes responsible for degrading collagen fibers (matrix metalloproteinases). This active ingredient is offered in a growing number of aesthetic clinics, and is the star of our HYDRA PROTOCOLE treatments.

3% Non reticulate high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (1000 Kda)

When a practicing dermatologist needs to perform an Anti-Aging Moisturizing treatment, he or she often turns to Hyaluronic Acids, extremely effective molecules for immediately restoring a plumped, rejuvenated effect to the skin, as they bind water at the heart of the cells. We have chosen a non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (often used in Mesolifts by dermatologists), with a high molecular weight, whose molecules are free to circulate to fix water in the epidermis. Obtained through a Biotechnology process, its molecular structure is strictly identical to that produced by keratinocytes, boosting skin hydration by +42% 24 hours after application.

0.25% Non reticulate Ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (50Kda)

For deep anti-aging moisturizing action, the practicing dermatologist will choose very low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids, which are rare because they require mastery of the molecular hyper-fragmentation technique. A weight of 50Kda will enable these Hyaluronic Acids to penetrate to the dermis to bind water molecules, but also to boost procollagen I synthesis.

3% Phytosqualane

Phytosqualane, a squalene molecule, is a major component of human sebum, the production of which slows down after the age of 30. Dosed at 3%, it provides the sebum needed to reinforce the skin barrier with key lipids and deeply moisturize.


All our tips


Take a small amount of product equivalent to the length of your first distal phalanx (the one with your nail). Emulsify the product between your hands before applying to the entire face, using circular movements, working from the inside out. Reapply to emphasize the neck and décolleté areas.